So Indoors?

Why put this Inside?

That’s a very good question. We decided to put our system inside for a few different reasons. First and foremost, we can truly grow 52 weeks a year. That means more frequent, consistent and uniform harvests. That also means no longer trying to heat a plastic covered steel frame throughout the winter using fossil fuels. But wait you say, your building needs heat doesn’t it? Well, not quite. We do keep our water heated. But with the combination of our lights and residual heat from our neighbors, we do not need to run the furnace.


The second reason is accessibility and certain creature comforts most of us take for granted. There was no bathroom, hot water or storage space at the former location. Now we can host groups and visitors and not need to point out the nearest tree when the word bathroom is mentioned (just kidding… kind of). Our building affords us many new opportunities that we can’t wait to explore and share with you.


While electricity use is a concern for any business, we take pride in sourcing the most efficient lighting possible for growth. Our LED strip lights consume far less energy than traditional HPS, metal halide, fluorescent, or induction style grow lighting and will last as long or longer. There is also a consideration of heat. Our strips barely produce any heat which is better for our plants and makes the room tolerable to work in. 


We believe that because land is scarce in the city, growing indoors represents the best opportunity to thrive where the people are. The methods and technology we employ offer excellent scalability and can be repeated anywhere there is space available. We hope to transform other buildings that have sat empty into thriving community centers of growth, production, and education.